Security Services

Red security, security guard company

Security Guards

Proven performers for security guards, loss prevention & security concierge. Trusted for the protection of People, Infrastructure and Commercial assets.

Event staff ticket scanners ushers

Event Staff

Outstanding people for remarkable experiences, event staff, hosting, ambassadors, reception, ushering and ticketing.

Red Badge event security company

Event Security

Proven performers for Event Security Guards and Security Management. Conferences, Expos, Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events & Dance Parties.

The Red Badge Group Story

Red Badge Group was founded back in 1997. We wanted to create a better security company. One who’s people made security friendly and non-threatening and promoted the values of service, smiles, trust and safety; backed by a culture that made it possible.

Get involved – Make a difference

security guard sports event

Event Security

Be part of something great. Entry Control, Incident Response, Crowd Control or Concert Barrier we, give you all the training you need to be successful.

Event staff ticket scanning

Event Host

Help Awesome Events bring a smile and exceptional customer experiences to life. Play your part in some of the country’s greatest experiences.

Corporate security guard

Corporate Security

Work with our clients, at large events, function centers and hospitality venues, to provide hosting and security for their customers.

security guard conference expo

Lounge Hosts

Create outstanding experiences for our customers as a Lounge Host, at events or in some of the best function centers in the country.

concierge security guard suit

Security Concierge

We provide full time suited security concierge officers to our corporate clients. Develop your security career with a growing company.

retail security guards

Security Officer

Securing the growth of our country, providing security to key sites around NZ. We have opportunities for regular employment as a Security Officer.

Join Our Team

Get started with some of NZ’s greatest concerts, sports fixtures and festivals or learn to protect significant facilities across the country