A turning point for the company, which was founded 24 years ago, has been the recent acquisition by three of the RB Group’s senior managers, all of whom are striving to demonstrate the value that Red Badge brings to New Zealanders.

CEO, Andy Gollings says, “it’s time our industry takes a step forward and paves the way to provide safe and enjoyable environments for all. We want to make a significant difference in people’s lives, whether that be simply creating a sense of safety, or ensuring order at a crowded place, we know the time is now for us to put our people and your people at the forefront of everything we do.”

More recently the company have witnessed first hand the increase in criminal activity, particularly at shopping malls and on the back of an escalating cost of living. This has only encouraged the group further to drive for change and lead towards a safer experience for all.

In the lead up to the launch of Redefining Security, the company have spent the past 3 weeks highlighting the Groups 24 years in business on their social media channels. Ben Wooding, COO says, “The campaign acknowledges the significant milestones, achievements and partnerships that have got us to this point in providing safety and security for New Zealanders.

From shopping malls and your local bank to events such as rugby games and concerts – Red Badge Group is proud to have become a household name, with an industry leading future, Redefining Security.”