In July 2022 we set out to refurbish our head office after a year of significant growth, our people were returning back to the workplace after COVID and space was limited. Construction began early October and by December 21st we had our official opening.

Our CEO Ben Wooding stated, “Off the back of COVID, we knew we had a responsibility to create an office environment that people wanted to come back to and be a part of, whilst also creating a collaborative working environment where we can all partner, develop and communicate cross functionally.” Our ultimate goal as an organisation was to design a functional and user-friendly office space that our employees would be excited to work in.

Our previous office layout consisted of separate offices, with a small open plan area that was not conducive to collaboration. With our growing team, we needed a space that would allow us to work together more effectively. Therefore, we focused on creating functional spaces that would encourage collaboration, with areas such as lounges and break-out spaces to provide flexibility for our employees.

One of the primary features of the new office space is the open plan layout, which has been designed to facilitate interaction and communication between teams. With more open space, employees can move around freely, collaborate on projects, and share ideas. Additionally, we have created various meeting spaces, including a large conference room, huddle spaces, and pop-out rooms for individual Zoom calls, to cater for our now more frequent use of remote communication technology. We also expanded to the lower floor of our building, creating a large 30+ seated training room, open plan chill zone which includes a pool table and table tennis, and three additional meeting room spaces.

In addition to the above, the office has been designed to provide our team with more flexibility in how they work, with hot desks available for employees who prefer to work remotely or in different locations within the office. With the new layout, we aim to make our workspace more agile and responsive to the needs of our team.

“In the next 12-24 months we want to be doing the same thing across our office network around the country” Ben said. “We believe that by investing in our workspaces, we can create a positive workplace culture that inspires our teams to make an impact on everyone they come in contact with”.

Our head office refurbishment has been a significant project that we believe will have a positive impact on our business. By creating a more functional and collaborative workspace, we hope to foster a culture that attracts and retains top talent, while also providing our employees with the tools and the environment they need to excel in their roles.