Prior to partnering with Red Badge, Toka Tū Ake the Earthquake Commission (EQC) faced significant security challenges during periods of heightened uncertainty. They recognised the critical need for reliable security services to ensure the safety of their staff, whilst also maintaining accessibility for the public.

Red Badge stepped in to provide a customer-centric approach tailored to EQC’s unique needs. By serving as the front-facing customer contact for EQC’s sites, Red Badge seamlessly connected visitors with EQC staff while ensuring their safety and satisfaction. This relieved EQC staff from handling potentially risky situations and allowed them to focus on their core responsibilities.

Julian Columbus, Head of Health, Safety, Security, & Wellbeing at EQC highlighted two key factors that influenced their decision to partner with Red Badge:

“Our decision was influenced by your alignment with our values specifically around the living wage, and the flexibility you offered us in choosing the right security staff for our sites.”

Integration and collaboration were key outcomes of the partnership and Red Badge achieved this by seamlessly integrating into EQC’s operations and becoming an integral part of EQC’s emergency response planning and critical incident management. Our proactive approach, such as conducting thorough assessments during incidents, provided valuable support to EQC, enhancing overall security preparedness and response capabilities. Red Badge staff also take part in EQC’s wellbeing programme and have access to flu vaccinations and related support.

Julian highlighted Red Badge Security’s exceptional customer service approach, emphasising their accessibility and responsiveness.

“We have access to all levels of your business, whether they’re the worker, the local manager, or the CEO. There are no closed doors. Given you are a sizeable business, that’s refreshing.”

Julian was also impressed by the professionalism, competence, and level of training of Red Badge’s personnel, which consistently met EQC’s high standards, contributing to a positive experience for EQC staff and visitors.

The partnership between EQC and Red Badge has elevated security standards in government services, setting a new benchmark for consistency, reliability, and service excellence. Through shared values, proactive collaboration, and exceptional customer service, Red Badge Security has become an indispensable partner in safeguarding EQC’s operations.