The trust we earn of those who we look after is taken incredibly seriously by us here at Red Badge, and it’s an honour to know that people feel safe when they see us in attendance. Unfortunately, even with the most robust protective security plan in place, it may not always be enough to stop an attack on a crowded place.

Resilience can help improve your customers experience and prevent attack, reduce the damage caused by an attack and enable owners and operators to resume business-as-usual activities quicker, and we can all play our part.

Building an effective security culture can include:

  • Making security important, every day
  • Demonstrating a personal commitment to security standards
  • Giving staff clear guidance about security standards and procedures
  • Promoting good security practice to staff and visitors
  • Encouraging and rewarding staff who identify and report security vulnerabilities and incidents

We can all help create a challenge culture where everybody has a responsibility for the safety and security within your crowded place, to report and challenge when things don’t look right.

The New Zealand Government, New Zealand Police and a multitude of inter-sector agencies have produced a range of resources to help you understand the nature and scale of risk at your location, and protect your crowded place. Check out the Crowded Places Strategy from the New Zealand Police.