Red Badge Group is nothing without its people. In knowing this, we wanted to showcase our most important assets. In July 2020 we launched our new Instagram page @humansofredbadge. This page, along with our Red Badge Facebook page is dedicated to introducing our staff to their nationwide colleagues, our clients and wider community that we protect at public and private spaces.

This page has been hugely successful in engaging interest in what our staff can offer, what drives them and how they got to be where they are in Red Badge. Bringing attention to the staff that embody our Red Badge values will in turn set the standard for any future employees of Red Badge and the security industry. We hope it will encourage our new staff of the opportunities to grow and develop in our company.

The feedback we have received from our staff and clients, is that they are enjoying learning more about the smiley face they see as they get their bag searched at a stadium or the calming face that welcomes them into a bank during COVID-19. Sometimes those who work in the security industry can be tainted by a negative brush, in line with our company-wide mission to continue to create a more customer-service focused industry, telling the story behind our faces makes our people more ‘human’ and therefore more understandable and approachable.

During the COVID-19 lockdown’s ‘Humans of Red Badge’ became somewhat of a support page for the many Red Badge staff who were previously event-based staff who then became sole workers at sites. For our staff to understand they were part of an important nationwide team was essential during that time period.

Going forward Red Badge will be using this platform to continue to provide our wider Red Badge community the opportunity to understand more about the people that drive the success in our business.