How we protect the public sector

Red Badge proudly safeguards the public sector, keeping both the community and staff members safe. Our comprehensive security solutions protect property and people in government establishments, prioritising public safety above all else. 

Control Room Operations

We think about security so you don’t have to. The Red Badge security team integrate the latest technology and people-based solutions to enhance safety for your people and places.


  • On-site or remote CCTV monitoring
  • Real-time communications to staff or security staff via RT radios
  • Proactively identify trespassed individuals

Proactive Security Guarding

Our security guards offer both a strong deterrent and friendly customer service.


  • Mobile security patrols
  • Behavioural detection
  • Access control and building security monitoring
  • Meet and greet guests and visitors
  • Trespassing of offenders

Protecting People And Assets

Let’s work together to keep your people safe and secure


  • Staff safety escorts
  • Crowd control in public spaces
  • Incident Response & Management
  • Access control

“We have access to all levels of your business, whether they’re the worker, the local manager, or the CEO. There are no closed doors. Given you are a sizeable business, that’s refreshing.”

– Julian Columbus, Head of Health, Safety, Security, & Wellbeing at EQC Toka Tū Ake


Trusted By Public Sectors

Safeguarding public sectors starts here

Please get in touch and find out how we can help you protect property and people in government establishments.

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