How we collect your personal information

Red Badge Group (Red Badge) collects personal information about individuals as part of the course of our business. Red Badge may collect personal information when:

  • You (or an organisation you are associated with) opens an account
  • Enters into an agreement with us to provide or receive a service
  • We provide services to you at your premises
  • Deals with us over the telephone, sends us a letter or an email
  • Visits our website or when you visit us in person.

The type of information we collect may include (but is not exclusive of) your name, mailing address, telephone numbers, bank and credit card details and email address. There may be occasions when we source personal information about you from a third party (for example a credit reporting agency or marketing company) as well as publicly available sources such as internet search engines or social networking services. Red Badge may also automatically collect non personal information through the standard operation of its information systems infrastructure.


How we use and disclose personal information

It is our usual practice to collect personal information directly from you. We only use your personal information for the purposes for which you give it to us and for related, business purposes and activities, and where required by law. The primary purpose of collecting any relevant personal information is to be able to provide you with our services. Names and addresses of our customers may be provided to a mailing house to mail account statements to each customer or to distribute informative material. We may also use or disclose anonymised personal information for other purposes such as helping us to identify products and services that may interest you.

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